Bungee Jumping in Jinja

'First, you climb to the top, then... you jump!' said the bungee jumping instructor.


Simple, right?


At this point, I thought it was simple. I had all the information. I was going to climb...get tied to a rope...then jump.

Up until that moment, my greatest adventure had been climbing the 302 stairs of the Gaddafi mosque tower in Kampala. Yes, I counted them!


So, this was definitely a bold move. Granted, I had climbed the Gaddafi tower stairs while the tower was still under construction, the stairs had no rails and it wasn’t open to the public yet. But still…this was insane!


First forward to the bungee jumping day.


So, I climbed to the top...


...and the view was breathtaking. You don't realize how beautiful the world is, until you're 44 feet above ground and ready to free-fall into air.


Anyway, I joined the line and soon, it was my turn.


Well, basically the experience was life-changing to say the least.

Prepping for the jump!

See these guys in the pink tank tops?


Their job is to ensure that you jump. They will give you the best pep talk. Distract you if you need distraction. Laugh at some silly joke you crack. All in the name of ensuring that you jump.


They are the best because they have managed to convince thousands of people to fall face-first, with only a rope tied to their legs as a guarantee.


Side note; don’t bother asking them how long they’ve been doing this job for. If you do, one of them will look you straight in the eye, with a smug look on his face and say, ‘today is my first day on the job.’

To be honest, at this point, looking down at my feet as the instructors asked me to move closer to the edge, I was a nervous wreck. This, actually, is the worst part of it all.


They tell you not to look down, but somehow you can’t avoid it. So, you look. And when you see the ground below, you are ready to back out. But you've paid for this experience, so you have to do it!


I actually like the no refund policy. If it didn't exist, we would all change our minds at this point.

So, I told myself...


'Calm down, what's the worst that could happen?’


'Ah...that's not helping.'


Because in that moment, your brain knows exactly what could happen. You brain screams, don’t do it.


But somehow the voices next to you keep saying, you can do it. You were born to fly, baby.


Jeez, those instructors are good!

So, you let them count down….6…5…4…3…2…1… BUNGEE!


That’s your queue. When they say the word, it’s a go.

You’ve probably watched a movie where the man is strapped onto a rope, and he goes down screaming YOLO. Well, all that stays in the movies because in reality, you will scream like a maniac, like a possessed man fighting off imaginary ghosts.


You try to hold onto something, but there is nothing to hold onto. You want to change your mind.


But no, you decided to do this, so you have to see it through.


Then, you give up the fight. You accept your fate. Just allow your body to remain lifeless. And that’s when you have some fun.

Look everyone. I am flying.


This is what dreams are made of!

 So, my advice to you, if you’re ever crazy enough to try bungee jumping, is… Just let go, be free and allow yourself to keep falling.


And remember, the second time you bungee jump is worse than the first. Mainly because you know what's coming!

Second round bungee jumping. Still not sure how I survived that!

So, what was my take away from all this? As long you're guaranteed of not dying, live a little.


What is the craziest thing you have done in your life? I am happy to hear all about it in the comment section below.

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