New Job in Different City? 10 Tips to Survive the First Day

Thanks to globalization, there is a good chance that you will, at one point, work far away from home. Here are a few tips to help you survive the first day craziness.


1.Prepare to do nothing.


Yes, you read that right. First days are tricky for employees and employers alike. Don't be surprised if your supervisor has no work for you.

On that day, most employers are trying to figure out the work that suits you best.


2. Carry a book.


In case there isn't much for you to do around the office, you don't want to look too idle. So pick up that autobiography that you always wanted to read and keep it around you.


3. Make Google your friend.


Apart from those few words unique to the organization, there will be technical terms that you aren't familiar with. Don't hesitate to google them. You need to be on top of your game. Remember, you are working on your reputation here. 


4. Carry a notebook and a pen.


This seems obvious, however, many of us will confess that when we were asked to take the minutes in our first meeting, we had to borrow a pen from the nice girl in the corner. Bad look!


5. Heels and flat pumps.


For God's sake, if you are a girl, pack a pair of flat pumps. We all want to make a lasting impression on our first day, so we opt for our most elegant heels forgetting that we will most likely be running around the office. You don't need blisters on your first day. Trust me, I have been there.


6. Ask questions.


On your first day, you will get away with asking questions that are considered idiotic on a regular day. So, ask away!


7. Avoid using your phone unnecessarily.


You may perhaps be looking at your email but to a passer-by, you could seem uninterested in whatever is happening around you. There is no need to disappoint on day 1.


8. Work on some facial expressions in the mirror.


The wrong expression on the first day could cost you. You will hear some shocking information about the organization, and its your job to control how you react to it. Take off time to evaluate what was said before reacting.


9. Note down how the day is going.


You may want to share tips with your children or co-workers one day. This is a unique experience. Treasure it.


10. Be patient with yourself.


On the first day, we all want to prove ourselves. When we fail, we think to ourselves, 'I should be able to do that.' Calm down, it's only your first day. There is room for improvement.


Share some of the tips that you found effective on your first day.

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