Rwanda: Through the eyes of a wanderer

I am on a bus heading to the Western Province in Rwanda.


Cruising past endless hills, beautiful scenery, thick forests, small but well-maintained homes. Past trees that go on for miles and a lake that flows endlessly.


It is sunny outside but there is a beautiful breeze in the air, the kind that gently brushes against your cheek and triggers a smile.

The bus speeds past valleys so deep that you cannot see the bottom. Past hills so high that you raise your head so far up to see the top.


The full essence of this beauty cannot be captured in a picture. You have to see it to believe it's real.


But I choose to describe it so that you may share this moment with me.

Sitting by Lake Kivu, Rwanda

The road is the most beautiful part of the journey. It's the sharp bends, the continuous curves, and the steep slopes.


It's going up and down so fast that you hold your breath and allow the moment to consume you. 


The continuous swaying of the vehicle reminds me of a ride on a roller coaster.The kind that scares you so much but you never want to end.


The only interruption of this moment is passengers throwing up due to motion sickness.


Nevertheless, I find myself enchanted by the experience. Boy, do people drive fast on these roads.


The rule of law here is to keep right at all times. But I could swear that the driver sways from right to left... or is the never-ending swerving playing tricks on my mind?


At a distance, the horizon is decorated with hills covered with tea plantations. Green is the primary color here.


Gatwaro forest, Rwanda


They say that Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills but I am convinced that they are a million because  at no one point are you able to see an unobstructed view of the horizon.


There is always a hill or a mountain in the way of a flat landscape.


One thing that stands out more than the meandering roads and the endless hills is...


The people of Rwanda.


The determination in their eyes and the discipline in their steps says so much about the nation that had to rebuild itself up from the ground.


After surviving the genocide, the people of this land are stronger than ever.


They are firm and live by the rules they have careful crafted to ensure that outsiders abide by them as well.


You will most likely not find more disciplined people anywhere else in the world.


And it all begins with ensuring that the amount of plastic that gets into the country is controlled. In other words, leave your plastic bag at immigration.


 At the bus stop, they quietly wait in line. Each one patiently waiting for their turn to board or alight. 


In the rural areas, the discipline is still evident.  A driver will pull up his car just to ensure that he fixes his seat belt before he continues his journey.


Although motorbikes are a common means of transportation here, rules still apply. Every cyclist is required to carry an extra helmet for the client. And each one carries one passenger.

Kigali city, Rwanda

Let's all raise a glass to a country that has clearly set a path to progress and is following through.


In Rwanda, they probably love their rules as much as they love their milk. 

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    Wonderful article Angel!!

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    I've heard many wonderful things about Rwanda, hope I'll visit it someday. I just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it, traveling is a great passion of mine too. Keep the posts coming! :)

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