How to be a tourist in your home country: Uganda

Imagine this...


You're walking to work, in a hurry. You're always in a hurry. 


Then you pass by these lazy-looking guys wearing shorts and tank tops. It's Monday by the way.


Why would anyone wear flip flops on a Monday? They are sipping some green-looking drinks, laughing at some unfunny joke someone told last night.


Yap, those are tourists.

 You look at them with envy. When was the last time you laughed like that.


You look around you. Everything seems dull. How come they are having the time of their life in your city. It is boring here.


Ah, you need a vacation. But you don't have the money to spend on flights, accommodation etc.


What if there was a way. What if you didn't have to go so far to enjoy the life of a tourist.


Here's how you can be a tourist in your own country.


1. Find the tourist spots.


Okay, so there are so many tourists in your country. Where do they go? Because that's where the magic happens.


Read about the top tourist destinations in your city. If you haven't seen a particular spot, why not try it out over the weekend?


The beauty about this is that you will pay lower prices as a local while the tourists pay the premium price. So, take advantage of that.

2. Take a trip away 


Whether to a new town or to a new country altogether. Just go somewhere. It doesn't have to be far.


There is something about being in a different environment that brings back the magic. When you return, you will see your city with 'new eyes', and appreciate it even more.


I mean, that's why couples go away for a honeymoon. So, rekindle the romance with your city. 

3. Check into a hotel in your hometown


Nothing says holiday than a nice hotel, room service and someone else cleaning after you. Have you heard of a nice hotel that just opened up in town? Try it out.


Usually there are amazing deals for locals like weekend offers for example at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel in Uganda, they offer $100 rooms to locals on the weekends. Isn't that amazing? 

4. Try a new activity that you normally wouldn't do.


What is that one thing that you've always wanted to do? Can you do it in your home country? Well...what are you waiting for?


I had always wanted to try bungee jumping. I planned to do it in Kenya until I found out that it could be done on River Nile (It doesn't get better than that.)


So, I headed to Jinja with a friend and before I knew it I was falling face down towards the river. You can read about my bungee jumping experience here.

6. Take a walking tour to a side of town you haven't been to. 


You definitely haven't seen everything in your city. Including that little place that people say is so vibrant but you've never bothered to go to. Yes, there! Go there.


Find out what it's all about. And go with an open mind. It may give you something interesting to talk about later.  

 5. Meet some foreigners in your hometown


You will be surprised at how much they know about your country. No...I am not talking about the one who got into the country yesterday. Find those who have been around for a while. 


Usually, as soon as a tourist gets into the country, they head straight for the attractions that they want to see. So, by the time a month passes, they are pros.


Ask for their recommendations, listen to their stories about your food, culture, and attractions. And then, find out for yourself if it's all worth the hype.

7. Take advantage of an event in town.


If there is an event happening in town, go. It's even better if it is out of town.


Make it a road trip with your guys or girls. After the event, stay for two more days and explore the city. Be curious. Don't just stay indoors. Go out and explore. You will be surprised at what you find.

8. Make use of your camera


And no, we are not talking about selfies here. Just pack your camera with you and explore, capturing all the intriguing moments.


Pretend you're seeing it all for the first time. Take pictures of every little thing that catches your attention. 

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  • #1

    Jacqueline Nalugemwa (Saturday, 04 February 2017 06:57)

    A great eye opener. Let me begin to plan on being a tourist in my own country.

  • #2

    rodney (Tuesday, 25 April 2017 06:02)

    and ive been in this country for 25 years but never thouhgt about this thankyou

  • #3

    website to write my college essay (Wednesday, 21 June 2017 00:35)

    That hop-on, hop-off tours capacity is meant for tourists, but they're a great method to fill the gaps in your local history comprehension.

  • #4

    Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket (Friday, 07 July 2017 07:28)

    There is something about being in an alternate situation that brings back the enchantment. When you return, you will see your city with 'new eyes', and value it significantly more.

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