A Traveler's guide to an epic bucket list

I have never been a bucket list type of girl. But, I feel that if you decide to make one, (welcome to the cheesy club btw), you'd better do it right.


In my mind, an awesome bucket list should look like this.


1. If it's not going to kill you, it's not worthy.

I mean, if you have 'eat 8 buckets of KFC' and 'visit 2 of my neighboring countries' on your bucket list, then you are not only wasting your time, but you are gaining unnecessary weight as well.


2. By the way, if half of your list includes eat this in China and eat that in Tanzania, then you've lost the whole point of a bucket list. Just stop, and visit a Chinese restaurant in your hometown and be done with it.

3. If you risk spending all your life's savings doing something on your bucket list, then you are finally doing something right. A bucket list should be so daring that it could drive you into bankruptcy. LoL!


4. Make it your own for the love of Baby Jesus.


You may be used to adding whatever awesome item someone else has on their bucket list, but if it isn't for you, then let it go. You should take time to think of what you want on that list.


What you should definitely include on your bucket list.


5. Fly in a hot air balloon. This sounds awesome. I want to do this. 


6. Talk to a stranger on an airplane, for the entire duration of the flight.

I tried this on a 14-hour flight. But I think I did it wrong because I wasn't listening to what my neighbor was saying. I was just talking and talking...until I fell asleep. You can imagine my poor neighbor's relief when we saw my eyes half closed.


7. Ride the world's biggest roller coaster.


There is always that guy, who is immensely afraid of heights but somehow found their way on a roller coaster. Seat next to him. You will thank me later.


8. If your list includes caves, then it couldn't be better. Oh, wait...include some bats as well, to add a little pizazz...




9. If it involves yoga and some weird chanting noise, you are still doing it wrong. 'Practice yoga as the sun sets'. Nope, you can do better with your life.


10. If you have, 'sit quietly on a beach for a whole day to reflect' on your list, then you have no business calling it a bucket list. That's a do-nothing list. Just go out and do some crazy sh*t or die trying.

11. Hitchhiking. I am not sure if this should be on anybody's bucket list. If you don't know what this is, let me explain. So, there is this craze about stopping random vehicles and getting rides for free from one town to another. The act of getting into random cars is what hippies call 'hitchhiking'.


I think, to do this you have to be either broke or stingy with your money. (Okay fine, I have tried it. Because it was raining, don't judge me. I am horrible.)


What you should leave out on a bucket list


12. If you have 'run alongside a lion in the Masaai Mara', well, the reason you will never live to see your grand-kids is in that statement. Good luck!


13. 'Go to America'. Unless you want to be one of those poor immigrants Donald Trump is giving the middle finger, I think this is a bad idea. There are more than 190 countries in the world. Pick one and go.


14. If one of the items on your list includes visiting another planet, you will not find help on this blog. Good luck with...life!


15. If you were born and raised in Africa and your bucket list has 'run barefoot on a beach in Mombasa', you have rich people problems and that's not a complement.


16. Lastly, your bucket list should involve at least 5 continents, but...


17. One of the craziest things you ever do should be in your home country. That way, if you die doing it your family doesn't have to bear the cost of transporting a corpse in a plane.  


I will end this by sharing my bucket list (there's a first time for everything)


  • Go skydiving in Mombasa, and white-water rafting in Jinja
  • Sit quietly on a beach and watch the sun set (Scratch that- jump off a cliff as the sun sets somewhere in Southeast Asia
  • get a first class seat on Emirates without paying a dime (costs 21,000USD by the way) 
  • Sit by myself and gaze at the Eiffel tower at 3:00am (oh wait, I did that already!)
  • That's enough! I am not going to give away all the crazy stuff I want to do. My mom reads this blog. I don't want to break her heart.


In the end, I believe that to truly have an amazing bucket list, there has to be water involved, and some weird type of fish. Okay, your turn. What do you have on your bucket list (I can't wait to hear this.) 

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