Things you should never do when you travel

1. Act like a know-it-all.


Just because you read an article about the country or even watched a news segment about your travel destination doesn't make you an expert on that country.


Most tourists make the simpleminded mistake of assuming they've done enough research about the country, therefore have gained comprehensive knowledge about the country they are visiting.

So they act like they have all the right solutions to the problems caused by the government/the people.


Do not be that tourist. You can't possibly learn everything about a country from Google. Wait until you actually learn about the country by living in it. 

2. Take locals' photos without permission


Imagine if a random person snapped a photo of you without requesting for permission? How would you feel?. Annoyed, I presume.


So, it's always nice to ask for permission before you take photos of the locals, or of other tourists. Try to make everyone as comfortable as you want to feel.


You will be surprised at how willing people are to have their photo taken, if only you ask.


3. Take pictures with drugged wild life.


Everybody thinks a photo with an untamed animal is pretty cool. And yes, it is. Unless it's taken under the wrong circumstances. Especially, if the animal has been drugged.


They are photos of people posing with drugged lions, elephants, leopards and it just isn't cool.


Think about how offensive it is for the locals to see photos of their wildlife drugged up just for the amusement of tourists.


4. Undermine the locals' culture.


What is so beautiful about this world is that each corner is so different from the other.


So, when you visit a country with a different culture, respect that culture and appreciate its uniqueness.


Whether it's in the dress code, language, customs or religious beliefs, try to understand the differences in the culture before you dismiss or criticize it.


If the culture dictates modest dress code, respect that. The locals will be more accepting of you when they notice the conscious effort you put into it as well.


5. Leave writings on local attractions


We have all left marks saying 'so-and-so was here in 2007'. Sometimes it's cool, other times, not so much.


If you left that mark on one of the rocks at Hell's Gate in Kenya, no one would have a problem with it. In fact, you'd be one of the 1 million people who have written on those rocks.


But if you left the same mark on the wall of an ancient temple, church, mosque or even a museum, you may end up serving jail time. So, be careful where you write!


6. Touch artifacts at the museums.


The rule that applies here, 'use your eyes not your hands'.


I remember visiting the Versailles Chateau in France and one of the tourists kept touching Louis XVI's chair to 'feel' how durable it was.


Mind you, this is a chair that has survived over 200 years. He was almost kicked out of the palace. It is always important to respect the artifacts and the effort that has been invested to maintain them.


7. Change money at the airport


The airports usually have the worst exchange rates in the country.


The best rates are in the city, ask your cab driver or a trusted local about the safest Forex bureaus with the best exchange rates.


Only change the money that you urgently need at the airport.


8. Walk around with your travel documents


Tourists are always afraid of getting into trouble with the law due to lack of proper documentation.


So, they walk around with their passport, national I.D and return ticket, just in case.


However, what would happen to you if you lost these documents? Complete ruin, right? So, make copies of your documents and walk with the copies.


Keep your original documents in the safest place possible to avoid disorganization.


9. Complain about how expensive everything is.


It's perfectly okay to be money-conscious, especially if you have several places to visit.


But you shouldn't make it your life's mission to complain about how expensive everything is in the country you're visiting.


Remember that you made the conscious decision to go to that country. So, the assumption is that you properly planned for the trip and you know how expensive the place is.  


It gets uncomfortable for the hosts when you always complain about the expenses. So, keep up!

But above all, remember that it's okay to ask for help if you feel lost. 


What is that one thing foreigners should never do in your country?

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