Not Afraid

‘What are you afraid of?’ He asked.


‘Snails,’ she said, ‘and failure…but mostly snails.’


‘I see,’ he replied.


She looked away self-consciously, nervous to see the look in his eyes. The judgement there.


‘And you? What are you afraid of?’ She asked him.


‘Nothing. I’m not afraid of anything,’ he said.


He looked at her, daring her to object.

She didn’t object. You see, she had seen that look so many times. His eyes spoke of so many fears, fears he could never admit to anyone.


Instead, she said to him...


Wake up tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.


Go outside and lay on the grass. Look up at the sky for 10 minutes. Enjoy the vast nature in front of you. The quiet. The serenity. Take it all in.


Then close your eyes. Clear your mind completely and focus on your breath. Breath in, and out.


After 10 minutes, open your eyes.


Now, pay attention to all your fears. I want you to speak out every fear that comes to mind. Whatever it is, let it out.


Speak as if there is no one within earshot. It is the crack of dawn after all.


Do this exercise every single day without fail for two weeks straight.


After two weeks, you’ll notice that after speaking of your fears daily, they are nothing but words and feelings.


As the days go by, you will begin to feel detached from those words.


They will no longer cause panic in you. In fact, they will no longer induce any reaction from you. Their power is gone.


As you speak of your fears, you automatically curb the power they have over you.


You will notice that the panic and the fear you felt before was nothing more than a figment of your imagination.


So, speak of your fears. Don’t be afraid to face them.


She said to him, ‘Do this every single time you’re faced with a fear.


It may not always take you two weeks to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. But, don’t be afraid to take back control of your mind.’


Then, she laughingly added, ‘in exactly a week and a half, I will not be afraid of snakes and failure.’ 

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    Koki Mulwa (Tuesday, 19 June 2018 05:41)

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