The era of instant gratification

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Life is a process. Everyone says that but few of us truly believe it.


Throughout my journey to self-development, I have been thinking about what stops us from achieving greatness.


I have discussed some of these factors in my article When the silence is loud where I focus on the impacts of fear and noise. If you haven't already, I recommend reading it.


Another crucial factor that comes to mind when I think about why we fail to reach our fullest potential especially as millennials is the desire for instant gratification.

We want it now, and if we have to wait for tomorrow to get it, then it's not worth it. They say that it's the curse of the millennial.


We want to be driving by 23, have a house by 25 and by 26 and a half, be a millionaire living the dream.


But what are we doing about it right now?


We are scrolling through someone's social media, perusing through the pictures of the life that they are supposedly living and wanting that.


But the reason why you won't have a fueled car by 25, a house at 26 and at a million dollars in your account by twenty six and a half lies in 3 factors.


  1. Gratitude; if you're not grateful for the little you have in your life at this moment, you will never attract more into your life.
  2. Hard work; just like the old saying goes, if you want it, you've got to work hard for it. So, get busy.
  3. The vision; understand your purpose in life. It may take a while to fully understand why you're on this earth, but if you do, then your whole worldview will have changed forever.


As millennials, we expect a lot of ourselves and for ourselves, but the challenge is to figure out how much we are willing to give of ourselves in order to achieve that which we desire.


Au revoir.

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